*Having always had a real interest and enjoyment of the French language, I was looking to have informal conversation. My friend asked me to join her for her conversation class with Karina. I love it. We chat about a range of subjects and I feel I have grown in confidence.

Karina makes me feel at ease and is very encouraging.

Sheila Dash – Worthing


*Karina's lessons are always a pleasure. She is endlessly patient, always provides something interesting to talk about or read so your French will improve and you will enjoy the experience. Most of all Karina will give you the confidence you need to achieve your goals in the French language.

Sue Alberry – London


*Karina is a conscientious teacher who was great fun to work with. She understood the areas in which I needed to improve and tailored my course accordingly.

Miles Arnot – London


*Madame Karina  taught French to the pre school children at Little Monkeys Nursery from 2011 to 2016.The lessons were constructed in such a way that the children found it fun rather than hard work!  Children started by saying their name and "hello' in French followed by simple stories and songs with plenty of actions.  Over the weeks, the children built up a wide variety of French vocabulary which gave them a solid grounding to build on when they go to school. I wish I had been taught languages at this age, it is so much easier to learn. It just comes naturally to young children. Children really do enjoy learning a second language in this way and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Lyn Povey, Managing Director - Little Monkeys Nurseries


*Dear Karina,

I would like to thank you for all the French lessons you gave me. I found them very useful and fun. I miss them a lot. I was sad when you moved away and when our lessons had to stop.


Helen – Croydon


*I had French lessons with Karina for about 2 years, until sadly she moved away from London.  During that time my French went from quite poor to conversational, and my confidence in talking to people in French improved dramatically.  I loved my lessons and always looked forward to them. We would start with a half hour chat on what I had done in the week and this really helped my conversation skills. Then we would do some grammar or translations, often Karina had lent me a French film and we would discuss this or translate the words to a French song or some poetry. I think Karina is a really great teacher and is kind, patient and thorough. I would recommend her to anyone who wishes to improve their French, from a complete beginner to someone who is already quite competent. She has excellent grammatical knowledge, and is very well read, she is also a delightful person and great fun to spend an hour with.

Lucy Pleasence – London


*We found Karina's tutorials very useful.  Part of her technique is to encourage speaking on a particular subject whilst she made notes on our progress.

At the end of the lessons these were emailed to us with points to work on and some vocabulary suggestions.  Karina  encouraged us to listen to French songs, this

to aid our understanding of French in different contexts. After these sessions we would communicate our understanding through discussion.  Karina also used role play

which made learning a foreign language immensely enjoyable, and helped build our confidence in communicating in varied situations.   We would recommend Karina to any prospective student

Frances and Justin – London


*I have been learning to speak French for a year now with Karina - and cannot praise her highly enough for her patience and going that extra mile i.e. if I ever have a problem she is always on line or at the end of the phone to help. Karina is friendly and reliable and has on numerous occasions lent me additional learning aids i.e. books, films, and has given me the confidence and enthusiasm to keep going. I feel that I have learnt and understood more in a year than I ever did at school in four!! She is more of a friend than a teacher in her willingness to help in all matters.

Sue Fraser – Sompting


*Karina provided just the right tuition and encouragement to allow me to progress my conversational French at an enjoyable pace.

Chris Taylor Reed – London


*I took French lessons with Karina for over 3 years and through her lessons, my French improved dramatically and I am now confident in speaking and writing French. If learning French is your aim, with the ability to speak French in both formal and informal settings, take French lessons with Karina. She is a patient, highly motivated teacher, who is encouraging and considerate. She has good communication skills and rapport with

people of all ages and background. I have found her to be imaginative with a talent for tailoring French lessons to the needs of the student.  Her essential skill is that she makes learning a language enjoyable. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who wishes to learn or improve their French.

Patrick Fullerton – London


*I can highly recommend Karina 's French classes for children. My children (and I )

have learned so much French without even realising it. I have never been exposed to

French and was so surprised at how much I learned. My children started the French

classes aged 4, and thought of it as a fun activity , not realising that they were there

to learn French. My children absolutely adored Karina as she is very kind, and has a

lot of patience with children. The songs are fun and the learning is very structured. My

children loved going to French class. We don't attend the French classes anymore as

we have relocated overseas now. Oh how we miss the fun wolf song !

Christine Paschalis - South Africa